War time Vatican books go online

By | February 23, 2010

Recently Pope Benedict XVI urged the priests to become the part of the ongoing digital revolution. It seems Vatican is really concerned about the digital world now. A recent survey pointed out that the number of Internet users would increase drastically by 2014. Online communication methods would replace the conventional ones in the near future. Vatican also feels the pu,  Pope, Vaticanlse and is working hard to be in the flow.

Now books are going online. The war time Vatican books go online now. Vatican is on it’s way to make available all the books during the time of world war second. These books will be available on Internet for free. Altogether 8000 pages will be made available online. Books including the notes by then Pope Pious XII. It is believed that the controversial statements by the Pop against Holocaust will also be available in the collection. Books will be digitalis ed and will be uploaded to the net. Now these books are only available in the Vatican library but were not available online.

Apart from this initiative books from way back to 1964 will also be uploaded in the net as the second phase of the project. This includes the writings by Pope Paul VI. Earlier Vatican made it clear that it will not publish the books of Pope Pious XII for the next five years. But now it is going to go online.

In his recent writings Pope Benedict XVI also praised social networking sites and the digital revolution. This move to digitalis e War time Vatican books is inline with the Vatican’s Vision of communication in the digital world.

At present these valuable writings are available only to selected people. When it is made online millions can be benefited. This will help to spread the word of god in a faster way.

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