The Story of love ………..

By | March 7, 2010

”LOVE” is the perfect word that can ever be found in human dictionary of emotions. It is something that everyone needs, but very few get it fully. Love is a feeling not of human, but definitely divine. There is a beautiful story, which narrates the indomitable power of’ ”LOVE”. There was an iron bar,which was indeed a very strong one. It always used to be proud that no one had its strength and no one could ever conquer it. One day a ‘Hammer’ decided to defeat the iron bar. The hammer began hitting the iron bar with its hard head.Blows after blows, but nothing happened to the iron bar. After a long time the hammer broke its head and was defeated. Next came the          ” AXE” , claiming that it could conquer the iron peace. The axe with its sharp edge began cutting the iron bar. Time went by but nothing happened to the iron bar. Soon the edge of the axe lost its sharpness and broke. Now it was the  turn of ” BLADE”.With its sharp teeth, it began slicing the iron bar. But the blade also couldn’t conquer the iron bar and the blade accepted defeat. Now there was another thing, that silently watched the whole happening. It was ” FIRE” and it wanted to give a try. But the strong guns like hammer,axe and blade teased it. However the fire slowly and steadily embraced the iron bar and swallowed it with its flames. Soon,the iron bar began to melt under the irresistible heat of fire and became one with its flames. This is the effect of ” Love” in our lives. Love can win the hearts of even the hardest of people. Love can conquer what hatredness, pride and arrogance can’t. That is the true power and influence of love. In this world, where hatredness plays a major role, we the young people can bring about a remarkable change, if we can spread the fragrance of love around us. If we truly love as our lord has taught us, we can make this world a better place to live in…………….

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