The importance of ‘’EUCHARIST – The Holy Sacrament of Life’’ in our Lives

By | February 27, 2010

Jesus, the life giving bread, the saviour of humanity established the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist to be with us throughout. It is the Crucifixion, Death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ that we commemorate through the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. The Second Vatican Council reminds us that the Eucharist is at the very centre of our worship of God and our life as the people of God. Mother Teresa often used to say that She received the inner strength and power to serve the poorest of poor from the Holy Eucharist. We know Eucharist is the most perfect and important act of worship offered to God or Father, because in the Eucharist it is Jesus Christ, our High Priest who is offering Himself to the Father. Jesus offers life to man through the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the eternal sacrifice of Christ made present to us sacramentally. When we celebrate Eucharist, we enter into the presence of God and we relive the mysteries of Our Lord’s Life, Crucifixion and resurrection. Throughout the Eucharist we grow in our awareness of our sinfulness and also of His healing Love. Only if we experience the living presence of Jesus at the altar can we pray and celebrate the Eucharist with faith. Otherwise the Eucharist makes not much meaning for us especially if we stand far away and astray, we will not be able to participate fully in the Eucharistic celebration. The Eucharist is the highest form of Prayer where we become aware of the living presence of God and where we receive His peace and healing. In this modern world, where we are misled or lead astray at every nook and corner, we the youth need the inner strength and power to fight the satanic temptations. This inner strength and power can be obtained only through holy Eucharist. Come let us think for a while and make a firm decision today, to participate the Holy Eucharist daily with utmost devotion and a firm Faith in Jesus Christ. We the youth can show the world and be a witness to the life of Jesus our redeemer only if we are able to participate in the celebration of Holy Eucharist as the faithful.

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