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കുരിശിന്‍റെ വഴി – മലയാളം

പ്രാരംഭഗാനം  :  (കുരിശു ചുമന്നവനെ…) കുരിശില്‍ മരിച്ചവനേ,കുരിശാലേ വിജയം വരിച്ചവനേ; മിഴിനീരൊഴുക്കിയങ്ങേ കുരിശിന്‍റെ വഴിയേ വരുന്നു ഞങ്ങള്‍

The Story of love ………..

”LOVE” is the perfect word that can ever be found in human dictionary of emotions. It is something that everyone needs, but very few get it fully. Love is a feeling not of human, but definitely divine. There is a beautiful story, which narrates the indomitable power of’ ”LOVE”. There was an iron bar,which was… Read More »

To make our days bright and sunny

There is a saying which more often befits the condition of the present day youth… YOUTH are not USELESS… They are USED Less. YOUTH are not HOPELESS… They are HOPED Less. If the society puts its hope on the YOUTH and uses them properly, I am sure our days will definitely be bright and sunny… Read More »

Let us conquer the Virtual World

It is good sign that we have launched site for our Youth Apostolate. We can not do away with media but we have to make use of it in proper way. One of the distinguishing characteristics of our time is surely that we are in the age of Mass Communication. The new communicative technologies have… Read More »

The official website of the Youth Apostolate launched

The official website of the Youth Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly is launched by Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath on 21st February 2010. Fr. Jery Njaliath introduced the site and invited Bishop Sebastian to launch it officially. Fr. Jery termed this site as an umbrella under which all the youth from different organizations of the Archdiocese… Read More »

War time Vatican books go online

Recently Pope Benedict XVI urged the priests to become the part of the ongoing digital revolution. It seems Vatican is really concerned about the digital world now. A recent survey pointed out that the number of Internet users would increase drastically by 2014. Online communication methods would replace the conventional ones in the near future. Vatican also feels the pulse and is working hard to be in the flow.

Inviting your opinions on an act of a millionaire

Karl Rabeder, an Austrian businessman is giving up all his wealth. He has sold his interior furnishings business and is arranging to auction his villa by the lake near Innsbruck as well as his farmhouse in Provence. All the proceeds would go to a charity he set up in Latin America, which would offer micro-credit… Read More »

The World Day of the Sick

The Catholic Church celebrates the World Day of the Sick on 11th February for the last 18 years. February 11th is the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lourdes. Why the Church celebrates this day of the sick on the feast of Blessed Virgin Mary? The relation can be easily drawn out from what… Read More »